Bridge Academy of Performing Arts is Five Years Old!! Wow... how did that happen?

We have been here in Rochester & Strood teaching children, adults and now older adults to dance using the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance)'s method of teaching ballet. We have also just introduced the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance) Modern syllabus. 


"I absolutely love building our dance school into a fabulous dance family & am so looking forward to seeing our students grow even further, both as dancers & young people."
Clare (Owner)

We teach the whole dancer, not just the technique, we want to bring a team of mature, creative dancing people into the world.


This is about so much more than just the dancing. 

Check out our Blog to take a peek backstage.

In The News:

Woo Hoo! Autumn term... and we managed to dance in person, in studio all the way to half-term!

Enjoy the break and see you in November.

Well done! We survived the Summer term of 2020! Thanks to Zoom, we were able to continue dancing.

And... our locations are now QR coded & Covid-secure.

Our risk assessment can be viewed here & we've returned to teaching in person dance classes!

Exam success! All our students who recently took their RAD ballet exams have all passed!
Whoo Hoo! Congratulations to you all. Hard work pays off.

We'll pay for your child's first class!

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