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Bridge Academy Privacy Policy


In line with the current GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), we ask that you read our privacy options policy.


Personal information that we request of you includes your child’s full name, date of birth, phone number and email address, health issues that could affect your child’s learning or safety and in line with the current Data Protection Act, we already endeavoured to ensure that this is fully protected and only held on file as long as is necessary for us to run the school.


As you may have noticed, our website uses cookies. The full list of these cookies can be downloaded here. You can delete any cookies you no longer wish to be saved in your browser preferences.

The reason we hold your contact information is so that we can get in touch you with regards to our term dates, termly fees, if there is a problem with your child whilst at the studio, and also to enter your child into recognised exam sessions with the RAD, IDTA or ISTD. In light of Covid-19 we do now also need this information in order to facilitate Track and Trace should there be a case of Coronavirus or other infectious disease of a similar impact in the school.


We ensure that the hard copies of this information are secured in a locked filing cabinet, and any information transposed to a computer or phone is also password protected. We will shred and delete this information in the January two years after your departure from the school, assuming all bills have been settled. We need to keep your registration details for this long simply for insurance purposes.


As part of the organisation of our customer information, we do share this in some other locations, for example our dance school database, run by software company thinksmart, The RAD (Royal Academy of Dance), Google Drive and Mailchimp, which are all GDPR compliant and again password secured. We also have GDPR agreements with these companies.


As a customer you have the right to refuse us the right to hold this information, however if you do this, then it is your responsibility to keep in close contact with us in order to maintain knowledge of term dates, fees due, upcoming workshops and opportunities etc. Realistically, in order to maintain our business relationship with you, we do need a minimum of your mobile number and email address. You can opt in or out of our newsletters and other marketing mail outs at any time, simply by stating this in your signing of our GDPR form, sending us an email or by selecting the "opt out option" in our Mailchimp newsletter. 


We also use the facebook pixel to asses the effectiveness of our advertising. We also take advantage of facebook's audience selection criteria to ensure that our adverts are only shown to people who might want to attend dance classes not someone who is more interested in rugby for example.  

You also have the right to insist that we hold the correct current information for you. In fact we ask that if you have changed addresses, emails or phone numbers, you please do let us know so that we are able to keep in touch.


Should you feel we misuse your information (which we of course, will endeavour to avoid at all costs), you do also have the right to lodge a complaint to the Supervisory Authorities. Please do contact us first to notify us of your grievance and we will do our best to address the situation directly.

In light of this, we have recently handed out new privacy forms to all our students and parents and all new students will also receive an updated version of our registration form.


We also have a facebook page connected with the school. We don't actually process any data from that page outside of facebook, however we will answer any messages that have been sent to us if we are able to offer something that we genuinely feel is of benefit to that person making the enquiry.

Please take a moment to read our full and updated Privacy Policy:

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