Here's our schedule for the Autumn Term 2021

Mondays: Online only

6.05pm-7pm: Adult Ballet

Tuesdays: In Strood & Online 

10.00-11.00am: Adult Ballet 

3:00-4:00pm: Silver Swans Ballet (no upper age limit, absolute beginners)

4:00-4.45: Grade One Ballet (age 5+)

4.45-5.30: Grade Two Ballet New (age 7+)

5.30-6.15: ISTD Modern (Ages 7+)

6.30-7.30: Teen and adult ballet technique class (12+ and adult)

Wedensdays: In Rochester & Online

3.25-3.55: Parent and toddler Dance (age 2.5+)

3.00-4.40: Pre Primary Ballet (age 4+)

4.45-5.30: Primary Ballet (age 5+)

5.30-6.15: Grade One (age 6+)

6.15-7.15: Grade 4 Ballet (age 12+)

7.15-8.15: Grade 5 Ballet and pointe work (age 12+ & adult)

Thursdays: In Strood & Online

4.00-4.45: Junior Ballet Technique (6+)

4.45-5.30pm Junior Modern (6+)


6.00-7.00: Adult Tap, Mixed Ability

Fridays: In Rochester & Online

10.00-11.00am: Adult Ballet 

Saturdays: In Rochester & Online

10.00-11.00am: Adult Ballet 

11:00 -12:00: Adults' Grade Three Ballet 

At The Bridge Academy, we love to dance, we've danced the dance ourselves and want to share this with our dancers, young and old! We value honesty, respect, kindness & creativity, aiming to give our dancers the best service possible. 

In light of the current pandemic of Covid-19, all our classes are available via our Virtual Dance Studio as & when lockdowns have been introduced. Even whilst classes are available on site we've continued to give our dancers the option of joining us virtually too. 

Our studios are Covid secure & we have a whole Covid-19 policy & risk assessment in place ready for when we can return to the studios once more. 

Now we've returned to the studios, there are mitigation procedures in place & some classes may need to be taken Virtually to ensure the limits are not broken. Dancers should understand that we may need to pass on contact details to the Government Track and Trace team should there be a case of Covid-19 at the school.