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We love dance, we've danced the dance ourselves & want to share it with you!


We're always developing our work further, so watch this space for more options... we've also recently added ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance) Modern Theatre Dance to our program too so if that interests you then do let us know!

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Why Dance Classes?


When a child learns to dance, they may have dreams of becoming the next Carlos Acosta, the next​​ Darcy Bussel, or they may just enjoy jumping around to the music.


Maybe you want your child to train to an elite level, or you might just be looking to improve your child's attention span, increase their social activities away from technology and dance is such a good way of doing this on so many levels. 

Whatever the motivations, we aim to offer the highest possible quality of dance classes, and in reality, they are likely to learn so much more than how to dance. Dance classes can help develop so many life skills, as well as creating an active, child who may well grow up into an active adult, which is always good for long term health and happiness.

Benefits of dance classes:

  • Improved brain function: Physical exercise can help as increased blood flow helps active children to learn best. 

  • Collaboration: working as part of a team is vital as a dancer, and in life too.

  • conversation: simply by allowing each person to speak, the children learn the art of listening and waiting their turn.

  • Beating shyness: sometimes a shy child will shine when they can dance through their emotions.

  • Creativity: children will learn how to use their imaginations through dance.

  • Cognitive development: many movements help the cognitive development in toddlers, and our classes are researched to utilise this.

  • Spatial awareness: very important when it comes to navigation and reading maps, great skills to have later in life.

  • Good work ethics: the realisation that methodical, steady work and practise, truly does produce fantastic results.

Studies have shown that just the act of moving with others in time to music can enhance cognitive functionality.

Dance classes are a great way of keeping ourselves fit and healthy with dance being the only form of exercise shown to actually help delay the onset of dementia. If you enjoy the classes, you won't realise that you are actually exercising both your body and mind. The very exercises and activities that enhance neurological development in children helps older adults remain alert.

For our teens, tweens and adults we also employ elements of the Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) which has been highly researched and developed in order to bring the fundamentals of mechanics and human biology to the technique of ballet. Elements of this are employed in our weekly "Technique Class" aimed at developing the foundations of our intrinsic core muscles that support our entire dance capability. Great for general fitness as well as building a strong and secure ballet technique