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Our Dance Classes!

We love dance, we've danced the dance ourselves & want to share it with you!


Whether your child wants to be a dancer, or whether they just love moving to the music, we have the class for them. All our ballet classes are taught according to the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) Syllabus, with our modern classes being ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance).


Want to know more about our children's classes? Let us know. 

Children's classes currently available:

Ballet Classes:


Adult Classes:

Yes we have an extensive range of adults' classes too. Want to know more about these? 

Let us know! 

Private Coaching also available

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07949 473072

Benefits of dance classes:

  • Improved brain function: Physical exercise can help as increased blood flow helps active children to learn best. 

  • Collaboration: working as part of a team is vital as a dancer, and in life too.

  • conversation: simply by allowing each person to speak, the children learn the art of listening and waiting their turn.

  • Beating shyness: sometimes a shy child will shine when they can dance through their emotions.

  • Creativity: children will learn how to use their imaginations through dance.

  • Cognitive development: many movements help the cognitive development in toddlers, and our classes are researched to utilise this.

  • Spatial awareness: very important when it comes to navigation and reading maps, great skills to have later in life.

  • Good work ethics: the realisation that methodical, steady work and practise, truly does produce fantastic results.

And all these elements that are great for growing children have the same effect on adults too! Helping us maintain our physical & mental health & wellbeing. Activity is like vitamin C, you can't store it for later, so dance is a great way to keep active whatever age you are.

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